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JMS Treecare and Consulting, LLC specializes in keeping trees and the soils they live in healthy and thriving.

Some services we offer include tree risk assessments, tree appraisals, young tree training, removing stem girdling roots, root pruning, soil amendments, pest and disease identification and management (including oak wilt, emerald ash borer, Dutch elm disease, and many others!), tree and shrub planting and transplanting, pre- and post-construction management of trees, cabling and bracing, lightning protection, and many more!

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Tree Risk Assessments

At JMS Treecare and Consulting our arborist is ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified and is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist with over 14 years’ experience assessing tree risk. We are able to assess trees both aerially and from the ground. JMS Treecare and Consulting can also provide either basic visual or advanced decay assessment techniques when needed. It is impossible to maintain trees free of risk; some level of risk must be accepted to experience the benefits that trees provide. Tree owners should strive to strike a balance between the risk that a tree poses and its provided benefits.

Pest and Disease Identification and Management

Pests and diseases of trees and shrubs can cause problems that range from simply being a nuisance to causing the loss of an entire stand of plants in large areas. Each plant or pest problem requires accurate diagnosis before any treatment or management plan is considered. JMS Treecare and Consulting has over 21 years of experience with diagnosing and managing tree problems. We keep up with current research and industry insights and use excellent labs when needed to help with pest and disease diagnosis.

Tree and Shrub Planting

Planting new trees and shrubs in a landscape needs to be done correctly to ensure the future success of your plants. Tree and shrub planting includes the selection of the right plant for the location. JMS Treecare and Consulting has over 21 years of experience planting trees and shrubs the correct way, not the quick way. Let us help you choose the correct plant, and then acquire the best plants from top rated nurseries, to ensure you get the best outcome for your landscape.

Tree Appraisals

Trees and landscapes have value. The appraisal process is used to identify a cost or value associated with plants and landscape features. Common reasons for plant appraisals include inventory, tree preservation, insurance, casualty loss, income, accounting, tax, finance, and litigation purposes. JMS Treecare and Consulting has over 6 years of experience with appraising the value of trees in landscapes. We keep up with current research and industry insights in order to provide accurate valuations. We focus our appraisals on individual trees to small wooded residential or recreation area trees.

Young Tree Training

Young trees, such as those in a nursery, are in the early stage of life, rapidly growing in size and changing shape, so they benefit from routine training to guide branches into a strong structure. Pruning trees in the early stages of life helps reduce the risk of parts failing.

Stem Girdling Roots

Trees and shrubs may be weakened or killed by roots that girdle the trunk. Circling roots start either in the nursery or at planting. In most cases they can be removed, and the health of your tree restored. Removing roots correctly takes experience to not further injure the plant. Most species can develop stem girdling roots (SGR); trees most susceptible to SGR include maples, lindens, oaks, elms and pines. Signs of stem girdling root include visible root circling the trunk or main roots, no visible root flare, flat side on a tree, canopy thinning and dieback, and / or early fall coloration.


Mission Statement

Provide owners and managers of landscape trees with quality treecare, consulting services, and good value by:

  1. Evaluating tree health, tree risk, and/or tree values using a systematic and thorough inspection process while maintaining independence, impartiality, and objectivity.
  2. Making accurate scientific diagnoses of tree problems and providing necessary management recommendations that are best for the tree and are founded on scientific knowledge gained from research.
  3. Carrying out responsibilities with respect, integrity, fairness, dependability, and communicating honestly with clients.
  4. Maintaining the highest level of professionalism by continuing education, maintaining industry certifications, and attending industry events.
  5. Delivering quality services at a level that meets or exceeds industry standards.

John Siefer III

John is a consulting arborist based in Tallmadge, Ohio with more than 21 years of experience in the arboricultural industry. He has an associate of science in horticulture and environmental resources from The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute, and a bachelor of science in horticulture from Kent State University – Salem. Mr. Siefer is a board certified master arborist (OH-5332B) and tree risk assessment qualified (TRAQ) with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), John is also a registered consulting arborist (#690) with ASCA, and is a certified pesticide applicator in the state of Ohio.  John currently volunteers his time as the proofreading editor for the Buckeye Arborist - a bi-monthly newsletter produced by the Ohio Chapter ISA.  John also serves as the ISA Liaison for the Ohio chapter; which includes assigning exams and CEU's to all the training programs provided in the State of Ohio.

John Siefer

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Address: P.O. Box 48, Tallmadge, OH 44278
John Siefer | Consulting Arborist
Registered Consulting Arborist #690
Board Certified Master Arborist #OH-5332B
Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ)

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